Orthodontics For Kids

Kids and Orthodontics

There are plenty of reasons kids should see an orthodontist that go far beyond straightening crooked teeth. Proper teeth and jaw development prevent future problems like tooth decay, difficulty chewing, teeth crowding, and speech impediments. Benefits of early orthodontic care include:

  • Reducing the likelihood of adult teeth growing in crooked
  • Monitoring jaw growth and aiding with proper development
  • Addressing your child’s concerns about the appearance of their smile

Regular Visits

Regular visits to the dentist can help identify problems that may require treatment from an orthodontist. Even when your child isn’t showing symptoms, the American Academy of Orthodontists recommends orthodontic screenings to all kids aged seven and older. At Gentle Care Orthodontics, we provide the best orthodontic care to kids in a comfortable and caring environment. Let us set your child up with a healthy smile for life! 



We’ll make that smile happen. You deserve it!